School board filing continues

By Amanda Dodson -
Mike Rogers - Courtesy photo

Mike Rogers of Walnut Cove filed to run for a seat on the Stokes County Board of Education in the November elections. He joins incumbent Patricia Messick along with David Burge and Adrian Ramsey of King.

Three seats currently held by Messick, Jamie Yontz and Sonya Cox are open on the school board, with the top two vote getters being elected to a four year term and the third highest vote getter being elected to a two year term.

Rogers previously served on the school board for four years and said he found it to be a rewarding job.

“I’ve been blessed with two wonderful children that amazed me with their accomplishments thanks to Stokes County schools, and I feel that the students need a support system to see just how far their dreams can take them,” Rogers said. “With everything you read or see going on in the world, I truly believe that there are wonderful things possible in Stokes County students and that they can be a beacon of what is possible if we simply let them strive to be better than anyone thought.”

Roger’s children graduated from South Stokes and his daughter received a full scholarship to UNC Chapel Hill and Wake Forest University.

“My son was so inspired by the teachers that impacted him that following a successful academic and athletic college experience he is now a teacher and coach because he has a passion for working with kids just like his mentors that worked with him.”

Rogers said we’re beginning to see a trend where local educators are leaving the county and it impacts the future of the community.

“We need to return to the point where Stokes County schools is considered family and everyone remembers that although the financial aspects are important, the working environment is second to none. In addition, parent’s voices need to be heard and should never fall by the wayside. If elected, I will strive to be the voice of common sense uniting the school system with the parents to allow our students to excel in their education and strive to reach their full potential.”

During Roger’s previous term on the board, he served as chair for two years and vice chair for one.

“We faced many budget issues as well as school security following the Sandy Hook tragedy. With all of the issues we faced, the perspective I gained during the debate over prayer gave me pride and perspective. While facing the possibility of having legal action against the school board due to our policies, I witnessed over 150 students from West, North, and South gather hands and pray during a break of a school board meeting.”

Rogers said the single most important thing people must remember is that Stokes County schools is the largest employer in the county.

“In essence, it is a business that operates with the tax payers dollars and we need to operate it with that in mind. I feel that my experience in the private sector for 30 years as well as serving in the military help me understand budgets and the outcome of my decisions. Combine that with operating the family farm with my wife, it gives me perspective of the roots of Stokes County, so that we keep traditions in line with the future and all of the wonderful things possible.”

Filing to run for a seat on the Stokes County Board of Education ends July 27 at noon.

Soil and Water Conservation District filing began on June 11 and will end on July 6. There will be two seats on the general election ballot and those seats are currently held by Johnny East and Willard Nelson.

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Mike Rogers Rogers Courtesy photo

By Amanda Dodson