Primary election results revealed

By Amanda Dodson -
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In a county of 30,749 registered voters, 3,731 came out on Tuesday to cast their vote in the 2018 primary election.

In the Republican race for county commissioner, top vote-getters were Jamie Yontz with 1,315 votes, Rick Morris 1,236 votes and Andy Nickelston 1,201.

The trio will face Democrats Greg Collins and Steven Hewett for three seats on the board in the November general election.

Incumbent Ernest Lankford, who’s served as a commissioner for the past 11 years, ended the night with 1,001 votes, followed by Wayne Barneycastle who received 941 votes, Boh Mabe 758 votes, Andy Stevens 461, Devin Parrish 305, Jamie East 303 and Allen Brown 302 votes.

In the race for U.S. House of Representatives District 5, Republican incumbent Virginia Foxx took the district’s primary. She received nearly 80 percent of the vote in Stokes County, while Dillon Gentry took 15.52 percent and Cortland J. Meader, Jr. 4.53 percent.

In a written statement released on Tuesday evening, Foxx thanked North Carolina voters who turned out to endorse conservative values.

“It is an honor to represent the people of the 5th Congressional District, and I would like to especially express my gratitude to all those who gave their time, talent and resources to make this victory possible,” she said. “This November the choice for 5th District voters will be clear: my record of working for common-sense, conservative solutions contrasted with the left’s agenda of raising taxes, growing government and reducing individual liberty.”

Foxx added, “I look forward to continuing the fight for conservative solutions that will reduce burdensome red tape, protect the unborn, reduce taxes, and preserve our national security.”

In the Democratic primary for the district, candidate D.D. Adams, a Winston-Salem councilwoman, defeated Jenny Marshall, despite Marshall winning more votes in 10 of the district’s 11 counties. Adams brought in more votes in Forsyth County.

Adams will run against 14-year incumbent Foxx in the general election in November.

“Thank you to all who are part of our campaign and to my amazing team. Thank you to Jenny Marshall for running a wonderful grassroots campaign and engaging so many in the process. I am honored and humbled to be the 5th District Democratic nominee and I am ready to fight with all I have to give our citizens a real representative in Congress,” Adams said. “North Carolina’s 5th District is rural and urban. Black, white, native-born and immigrant. It is blue collar and white collar. Young and retired. In other words, the 5th District is America. We are done with so-called representatives like Virginia Foxx who sow division for their own political power. This November, we will come together to send her back home. The BlueWave in North Carolina starts right now.”

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By Amanda Dodson