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By Amanda Dodson - adodson@thestokesnews.com
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The 2017 municipal election preliminary results are in and show a change of leadership in Walnut Cove while incumbents will stay the course in King and Danbury.

In King, the two open City Council seats went to incumbents Wesley Carter, with 719 votes and Charles Allen with 569 votes.

Challengers Ashley Turner earned 373 votes and Steven Hewett 72.

Current Walnut Cove Town Board Commissioner Charles Mitchell was elected mayor as a write-in candidate with 56 votes. Charles Byron received 35 votes and write-in candidate Alma Childers 31.

In the contest for Walnut Cove’s two open seats on the board, write-in Thomas Mitchell took the top spot with 65 votes, followed by incumbent Elwood Mabe with 56 votes. Sharon Callaway, who’s served on the board for the past eight years, received 51 votes and tied write-in candidate Stephen Britt.

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By Amanda Dodson