Commissioners discuss Pine Hall Community Campus

By Amanda Dodson -
- Amanda Dodson | The Stokes News

Stokes County Commissioners are mulling over a structured fee to rent out the Pine Hall Community Campus, which is likely to be on the action agenda in weeks to come.

The building sits off the road of 3853 Highway 311 and will provide both a medical clinic and multi-purpose area intended for varied community activities such as senior services, weddings, family reunions and club meetings. The design is centered around a multipurpose room built to accommodate 125 people, an adjoining kitchen, and two rooms for storage or smaller gatherings.

On Monday evening, County Manager Rick Morris asked commissioners to consider what they believed to be a fair price to rent the facility.

“I would like your input on that before a policy is set,” Morris said.

The county manager suggested reviewing the operational procedures of the facility at Recreation Acres in King and compare rates.

“We may have to improvise for a little while, but Life Brite will eventually be overseeing this,” Morris said.

Life Brite purchased the hospital through a lease arrangement beginning on Jan. 31 of this year and the transitions of multiple campuses have been ongoing. At the ribbon cutting in April, Morris said within a 10 mile radius there are 35,000 people, giving the facility the potential to make a strong impact in the community.

County personnel hiring policy

Although on the action agenda, commissioners voted unanimously to table the personnel hiring policy due to recent information received. The issue has sparked debate as to who will oversee hiring department heads in the county and is expected to be discussed in a future meeting.

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By Amanda Dodson