Congratulations to all the graduates!

The future lies before all of us. Therefore, never forget the ultimate purpose of an education is Truth, in order to be prepared for the future.

There are those that claim it is their freedom of speech to teach or philosophize that truth is relative; even contradicting reality at times and without bounds. However, logically, there is no freedom of speech to teach error. “You shall not bear false witness … ,” as well, should have standing. Likewise, there is no freedom of speech to teach that 2 plus 2 equals 7; nor to teach that liberalism and socialism are the answers to National and individual freedom to economic prosperity. Socialism is the death of individual freedom and prosperity; which is central to our Nation’s strength. It should be obvious that one cannot have individual freedom and free markets with Socialism.

Please remember that our Nation’s success and survival is related to its founding on Western Culture, which is based on Christianity and its “Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God”–Blackstone’s Commentary, Book I, Section 2. However the perversion of law and reason are gaining ground from–the relative truth, equality and plurality rhetoric of atheistic folly. Christianity–and no other religion nor atheistic philosophy–is confluent with America’s Declaration of Independence, which declares that all mankind have Rights to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness, which encompasses the Right to Property, from God.

Despite the complaint against America because of slavery, the reality is, the vast majority of nations sold their POWs, criminals, and debtors into slavery, since it is unjust to punish the innocent with taxation to pay for the incurred expenses for what someone else has done. Nevertheless slavery was practiced long before America was founded and lasted long after America banned slavery in 1865. The last African country to officially ban slavery was Mauritania in 1981.

Therefore, always seek the truth–it must identify with reality. Likewise when you contemplate Truth–never forget: Truth is whatever the Omniscient Creator of life, and all, said it is– It is!

E.A. Timm,

Walnut Cove, NC