Sad Day

Dear Editor,

Tuesday, May 8 was a sad day for Stokes County. It was Primary Day and the Republicans of our county failed to nominate Ernest Lankford to run for another term as Stokes County Commissioner.

Ernest has devoted many years of his adult life in service to this county (first as a member of the board of education and later as a county commissioner). He has always followed conservative principles when making decisions that affected the citizens of Stokes County. He (along with the other conservative members of the board) always tried his best to take care of the needs of this county while keeping the tax rate as low as possible.

I guess some other voters in the county don’t appreciate him as I do. I don’t know who (working behind the scenes) convinced enough people not to vote for Ernest that he came in 4th in the race when he needed to finish in the top three.

I’m afraid many Stokes County folks will later regret that they failed to vote for the ‘Watcher of the Purse Strings’ in our county. I just don’t believe that with the loss of Ernest and James Booth (who chose not to run for re-election) that the next board will be a conservative board.

Something to watch very closely: the county Tax Rate!

Noble T. Yarbrough

Walnut Cove, NC