Thank you

Dear Editor,

Within minutes on Friday afternoon, May 18, heavy rains resulted in flash flooding at several locations in and around the City of King. Thanks to the efforts of our local fire and rescue, law enforcement, public works, transportation, and emergency management personnel, a coordinated response to this event resulted in the best possible outcomes for our residents and businesses. Thank you to Pinnacle, Rural Hall, Double Creek, and Sauratown Fire and Rescue Departments; Sheriff Mike Marshall and the Stokes County Sheriff’s Office; Fire Marshal Scott Aaron and the Stokes County Fire Marshal’s office;

Emergency Communications Director Del Hall and Stokes County 911/Communications; Craig Sizemore and NC DOT; NC State Highway Patrol, and City of King Fire, Public Works, and Police for their rapid response and prudent actions during this emergency event. Special thanks is due to Stokes County EMS Director Brian Booe, who coordinated emergency response from the emergency operations center staged at the King Fire Department. Brian’s efforts to share updates, coordinate efforts, and mobilize resources exemplified emergency management best practices, and ensured that resources were deployed where needed and in timely fashion. While first responders were assisting residents, and ensuring driver safety along flooded roadways, Brian and other command staff were coordinating those efforts, and at the same time, keeping our community, elected officials, and all other stakeholders informed with frequent updates. In addition to assisting with coordination of local units, Brian also briefed State resources in the event any incidents escalated. Stokes County has had a history of strong emergency management leadership, and we are fortunate to have Brian Booe’s expertise, training, and strong leadership when emergency situations arise as they did on Friday afternoon. On behalf of the City of King, thank you for everyone’s assistance during our time of need. We stand ready to assist in similar fashion when the need arises.

Homer Dearmin

City Manager

City of King