Voting for Life

Dear Editor,

It is extremely important for me to vote for elected officials who are not afraid to share their devotion to Christianity and love of God. Because Senator Joyce Krawiec is very strong in her conservative views and open about her Christianity, she has my vote every election season. One issue she and I feel strongly about is preserving the right to life.

It is true when it is said that “Abortion is the only medical procedure considered successful when the patient dies.” Abortion takes a life! A fetus, in any stage, is a person and a patient. It is very rare that abortions are performed to preserve the life of the mother. Our abortion rate is among the highest in developed countries, which means the US has killed more lives than any other country. How can people who worship God ignore this fact? Why are they not more concerned? We need to be proactive in choosing those in power and make sure they are on the right side of life.

As Senator Krawiec said, “The right to life is not debatable. I have always been an advocate for the unborn and I will continue to do all in my power to protect every life. I believe God has a purpose for every life and I am committed to life from conception to natural death.”

Please join me in voting to keep Senator Joyce Krawiec as our senator on May 8.

Samantha Hogan

Winston-Salem, NC