Hats off to North Carolina’s lineworkers

Dear Editor,

April 18 marks National Lineman Appreciation Day, and I’d like to thank our state’s lineworkers for their commitment to keeping our power reliable and our communities safe. Being a lineworker is no small feat – it requires long hours, time away from family and the willingness to work in dangerous conditions. It also takes considerable training. We’re pleased to offer lineworker training programs across the N.C. Community College System – like those at Nash, Cleveland, Caldwell, and Forsyth Technical community colleges. These programs offer hands-on experience and training to help build a skilled workforce for North Carolina’s energy industry. Graduates go on to work for regional cooperatives, Duke Energy and other utilities that serve our state. The next time you see a lineworker, remember the sacrifice they make every day to keep the lights on – so you don’t have to think about it. On behalf of the N.C. Community College System, we appreciate the service and noble example our state’s lineworkers provide for the next generation.

Jennifer Haygood,

Acting President North Carolina Community College System