Flip the Fifth

Dear Editor,

Virginia Foxx must be removed from office. Among other issues, she’s crushing the American education—and it starts in our 5th District of North Carolina. Not only did she enthusiastically vote for Betsy DeVos after her push to funnel public tax dollars into charter schools in Michigan resulted in test scores well below the state average, but she fully endorses DeVos’ efforts and has even written an op-ed with her and Lamar Alexander advocating for the expansion of DeVos’ plans to hide theft from our public schools under the guise of “school choice.”

“School choice” decimates public school funding in order to subsidize for profit education at schools that are not accountable to taxpayers. Since DeVos’ confirmation vote was tied, the representative from the fifth district of North Carolina could have been the difference between this national embarrassment and a more qualified nominee.

I strongly encourage voters to learn more about DD Adams. She is the only viable democratic candidate to take Foxx out and flip the Fifth. As a Winston-Salem City Councilwoman for almost a decade, DD Adams has shown her dedication to the welfare of all citizens, and has repeatedly voiced the necessity for equality in educational access. Let’s send DD Adams to Washington, D.C. and protect what created the middle class in the first place: Public education.

Mallory Roman

Durham, NC