An endorsement

Dear Editor,

I am not in the habit of endorsing political candidates for office, but in this case I gladly do so. I am talking about Senator Joyce Krawiec of the 31st district.

In 2015 our driveway was washed out because NCDOT had all of the storm water diverted from the highway down our driveway. This was in violation of the law. In doing so, this left us without any emergency service for three months, and no way to get in or out without calling on someone for transportation. After going through all the channels NCDOT, the Inspector Generals office and the NCDOJ just to find out they were not going to enforce their own laws and guide lines. Senator Krawiec came out to our property and met with a representative of the NCDOT and myself and read the law to him and pointed out where they were in violation of the law. She also saw that the NCDOT corrected their mistake and came into compliance with the law. In doing this for us, this solved the problem with our driveway. There has been no trouble with it since.

When the chips are down the people of the 31st district can depend on Senator Krawiec to stand up for them. The people have no better friend than Senator Joyce Krawiec.

W Randall Crews

Rural Hall, N.C.