Adults should make a change for the better

Dear Editor,

In light of all the gun violence recently, I feel it should be known that guns are inanimate objects. To fire an AR-15 assault rifle, such as the one used by Nikolas Cruz in the recent Florida shooting, one must pull the trigger. The gun doesn’t load, aim or fire on its own. Technology is by far more advanced than many of us would like but surely not in that capacity.

Another issue I would like to address is that of the death penalty. It is truly fair that people who commit these heinous crimes get to sit in jail for three to five years, maybe more, with three meals a day, a bed, and other amenities such as television when the people they killed get nothing. The families affected are expected to just move on even though the criminal behind bars has truly no consequences against them, and their family can visit them while in jail. The victims of these crimes can’t visit their families, so why should the criminal’s family get to visit? I feel that in cases of severe crime such as mass murder the death penalty should be brought back. I understand this is just my opinion, but we shouldn’t have to wait for the children to cry out for change. We are the adults, our government consists of adults, we should make change for the better, not depend on our new generations to do it for us.

Randy Shelton

Danbury, N.C.