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Sylvia Burton - Special for The Stokes News

Oh, the lazy days of summer, unless you have gardens, tobacco, and/or hay, not much laziness going on around here. Please be careful in your travels and watch for the farmers going from field to field. Curvy roads are plentiful in our neck of the woods. You never know what lies just ahead around the bend.

Summertime Bingo was a success last Saturday night. All proceeds went toward the upkeep of the Francisco Community Building. This was the last Bingo event for the summer. But don’t worry; it will be back in September.

A very special “Happy Birthday” goes to Edna Earl Womble of Francisco. Miss Edna Earl will celebrate her 108th birthday June 25. This wonderful lady may be short in stature but large on her wit. On one occasion, while cleaning her house, I vacuumed under her feet as she was reclined in a chair. I jokingly said, “I guess you know you won’t marry now since I vacuumed under your feet.” She replied, “Well, I haven’t had many offers lately.” She is a jewel, one that I am so blessed to have known. In the year that Miss Edna Earl was born (1910), William H. Taft was president. Women first had the right to vote. Henry Ford sold 10,000 cars. Theodore Roosevelt became the first former president to travel in an airplane. This was before the Great Depression and before WWII. She has seen a lot in her 108 years. It makes you wonder the next 108 years will be like. Happy Birthday, Edna Earl!! I’m fixing a chocolate pie just for you!

Sylvia Burton

Special for The Stokes News