Stokes County 4-H Update

Taylor J. Furr - Extension Agent, 4-H & Youth Development

The Embryology program is in full swing with a total of three classrooms between Pinnacle Elementary and Germanton Elementary. Students are learning about the 21-day life cycle of a chicken, while kindly taking care of eggs in an incubator. Youth will learn about each stage life for a chicken and when the 21st day arrives they will experience chicks hatching. Stokes County 4-H is grateful for Stokes County Farm Bureau, LTD, and Wayne Farms in Elkin, who make this program possible for Stokes County youth.

Our newest 4-H Club, Bunny Buddies, met on April 8th for their first meet and greet meeting! Misty Bennett, of Walnut Cove, is the 4-H leader of this club, which Stokes County 4-H greatly appreciates! The Bunny Buddies 4-H Club had over 20 people attend the meet and greet meeting. We are looking forward to see where this club takes us in 2018!

Stokes County 4-H’ers are gearing up for Presentation Day held during the first week of May. NC 4-H Presentations allow youth the opportunity to present information by demonstration or illustrated talk for competition. The time limit is generally between 5 and 12 minutes, with specific time regulations in specific categories. 4-H’ers are selected to compete at district competition through county competition, followed by the state competition if selected. Youth ages 5-18 may participate. Youth considered Cloverbuds 5-8 will not be critiqued towards competition. In the past, we have had 4-H’ers complete a presentation on topics such as: Legos, the American Boer Goat, Irish Dancing, How to Make Homemade Doughnuts, and much more.

May 17th will be the Stokes County 4-H Talent Show and Craft Show. This is a time for 4-H’ers to express their talents as will as their arts craft skills. Two talent acts from the talent show will be chosen to move on to the next level of competition, District Activity Day on June 22nd in Vance County. More details such as time and location will be sent via email and posted on the Facebook page for the 2018 Stokes County 4-H Talent Show and Craft Show.

For more information on the Stokes County 4-H program, please contact the 4-H Agent, Taylor Furr, at 336-593-8179 or You can visit us on Facebook and Instagram by searching Stokes County 4-H.

Taylor J. Furr – Extension Agent, 4-H & Youth Development