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Nancy Reynolds News - In honor of Juanita Gordy
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Sympathy is extended to the family of Alvin Sams who passed away last week. His funeral service was held at Brims Grove Baptist Church on Monday by Rev. Gerald Jones. Surviving are his 2 brothers Lloyd and Glen and 1 sister Estelle Gordon.

Sympathy is also extended to the family of Ms. Jackie Ward. This was Jay Marshall’s mother.

Olivia Boram has been released from the hospital and was able to be at church Sunday. We were all glad to see her smiling face!

Greta Hall was also able to be back in church after falling and breaking a rib.

There will be a pinto/hot dog supper benefit for Donnie McQuinn and Lanny Martin at the Brown Mountain Church on Saturday, February 24th from 4-7 PM to help with medical expenses. Please make plans to attend and help out!

There will also be a silent auction.

The Double Creek Fire Department is holding their annual meeting on January 27th at 2 pm.

We appreciate all the state employers who worked on our roads. Thank you!

Happy Birthday to Brent Bennett, Mary Romine, Donna Edwards, Valerie Bowman, Betty Humphries, Betty Ann Inman, Kathy George, Jonathan Volger, and Tony Lewis.

Prayer list includes Tim Boyd, Claude Williamson, Betty Humphries, Debbie Hicks Manring, Homer and Shirley Hicks, Dorothy Simmons, Lanny Martin, Ann Gordon,. Rodney Durham, Ricky Tise, Jean Moser, Lois Tilley, Jimmy Inman, Brad Martin, Robbie Morefield, Basil Gordon, Hickman Simmons, Vicki Gordon, Hallie Hall, Gary Joe Simmons, Michael Palmer, Shirley Martin, Krista Simmons, Billy Gibson, Linda Lane, Donna Bowman Edwards, Linda Holland, Teresa Sisk, Scotty Marshall, Dan Puckett, Allen Puckett, Calvin Love, Elizabeth Essick, and Deborah Inman. Several of these mentioned have cancer and need your prayers. photo

Nancy Reynolds News

In honor of Juanita Gordy