Stokes County 4-H News

Taylor J. Furr - Extension Agent, 4-H & Youth Development

Friday, January 19 at 6:30 p.m. we will have our annual Nutrition Fair. The Stokes County 4-H Nutrition Fair’s purpose is to reach 4-H’ers and other youth with a nutrition activity that will enhance their knowledge and skills for a healthy lifestyle. Youth will prepare a recipe and study the nutritional facts and values, and will come prepared to share with their peers and the judges. This event will take place at the Stokes County Cooperative Extension Center in Danbury, at 700 N Main St. All is welcome to attend and taste test the recipes youth have prepared.

Saturday, January 20 will be the North Central District Teen Retreat. Youth will participate in workshops that educates them on topics where they are able to bring ideas back to their county, as well as participate in a service project. Winterfest will take place in Forsyth County this year. We have 6 youth attending this event.

Saturday, January 27 is the North Carolina 4-H Livestock Judging in January event held in Raleigh. The Forsyth-Stokes Livestock Judging Team is taking 10 youth to participate in this event. Judging in January kicks the year off for NC 4-H Livestock Judging and Skillathon events in the state.

Taylor Furr, 4-H Agent, is beginning Steps to Health with second grade classes on January 19. Steps to Health is a 9-week interactive healthy living course that shows youth what are healthy foods, and what is involved in staying active.

Stokes County 4-H is off to a great start this year! We are looking forward to yet another busy, but amazing year ahead of us!

For more information, please contact Stokes County 4-H Agent, Taylor Furr, at 336-593-8179 or

Taylor J. Furr – Extension Agent, 4-H & Youth Development