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Nancy Reynolds News - In honor of Juanita Gordy
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Sympathy is extended to the family of Harry Wilson who passed away due to pnuemonia after falling and breaking his hip. His funeral services were held Saturday at Howell Nelson Funeral Home.

Sympathy is also extended to the family of Todd Gordon who passed away. He was the owner of Pinnacle Equipment Company on 52 By Pass in Pilot Mountain. He was a member of the Rock House Ruritan Club. His funeral was held Saturday at Chestnut Grove United Methodist Church.

Tim Boyd has been back in the hospital again due to heart problems.

Addisyn, Heather and Eli Johnson have been sick all week with ear infections, colds, and upper respiratory infections.

Betty Humphries is a patient at the Northern Surry Hospital in Mount Airy with pnuemonia.

Claude Williamson is still a patient at Duke University.

Don Bennett is at home following a hernia surgery.

Happy Birthday to Antionette Williams on Tuesday, January 2nd.

The Rock House Ruritan Club are having their turkey shoots every Saturday night until further notice. Food will be available at 5 PM with the shooting starting at 6 PM. Come out and enjoy the fellowship and fun.

Prayer list includes Tim Boyd, Claude Williamson, Betty Humphries, Debbie Hicks Manring, Don Lawson, Homer and Shirley Hicks, Dorothy Simmons, Lanny Martin, Ann Gordon,. Rodney Durham, Ricky Tise, Gene Moser, Lois Tilley, Jimmy Inman, Brad Martin, Robbie Morefield, Basil Gordon, Hickman Simmons, Vicki Gordon, Hallie Hall, Gary Joe Simmons, Michael Palmer, Shirley Martin, Krista Simmons, Billy Gibson, Linda Lane, Donna Bowman Edwards, Hugh Covington, Linda Holland, Teresa Sisk, Scotty Marshall, Dan Puckett, Allen Puckett, Calvin Love, Elizabeth Essick, and Deborah Inman. Several of these mentioned have cancer and need your prayers. photo

Nancy Reynolds News

In honor of Juanita Gordy