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Sylvia Burton - Special for The Stokes News

Has everyone gotten their Christmas tree up yet? Mine is in the house, but at the moment, in the floor. Yep, at one point, it was tall, straight and beautiful. Now, after falling a second time, it’s lying flat on the floor. Our Christmas tree saga began on Sunday when my daughter Holly and her husband, Brandon, brought us a beautiful tree. After trying to get it in the tree stand (the tree trunk really was too small for the stand), we decided that the base of the tree needed trimming a little more even. My husband came in the living room, chainsaw in hand, and in a real Clark Griswald moment, sawed the base of the tree. Needless to say, I’m still getting sawdust out of the carpet. We put the tree in the stand and stood it up. Straight, yes, middle of the window, yes, snug in the stand, yes, or so we thought. After placing lights and ornaments at just the right places, we were finished. Then, crash! OK, let’s try this again. We re-position the tree, and place the ornaments back on. Holly and Brandon left. Then, crash! It fell again. I plan to venture out today and get a smaller stand. As Holly would say, “Tis the season!” As my pastor would say, “This too shall pass!”

The Francisco Ladies Auxiliary had a very successful Christmas Bazaar last Saturday. The breakfast was delicious and several vendors were present selling their products. I purchased some honey from Checkmate Apiaries which was absolutely wonderful.

The Francisco Fire Department and Rescue elected new officers for the upcoming year. They are as follows: Fire chief – Atherton Jessup, Deputy Chief – Preston George, Assistant – Earl Wright, Truck Captain – Alfred Dunkley, Rescue Chief – Greg Collins, Deputy Chief Rescue – Stephen Jessup, Assistant Chief Rescue- Texie Jessup, Truck Captain Rescue – Kevin Smith. We are so blessed to have the volunteers that work so hard for our fire department and rescue unit.

The Francisco Ladies Auxiliary President, Betty Wright, presented Fire Chief, Atherton Jessup with a check for $2000 to go toward the purchase of a new sign for the front of the fire department. That was very much appreciated.

We plan to have more classes at the Francisco Community Building in January. If anyone has ideas on some interesting things that may be taught at the classes just let us know. You may call Texie Jessup at 336-351-4142 or Kathy Blue at 336-351-3254.

Sylvia Burton

Special for The Stokes News