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Sylvia Burton - Special for The Stokes News

Even though we only had six weeks to plan this year’s Farmfest, it was agreed that it was successful. Last week I had said that the weather was supposed to be “gorgeous.” I was just going by what was reported on the local weather and they missed the timing of the rain by a few hours. Even so, everyone there still had a wonderful time. We had good food, good music, good fellowship and once more the community came together to celebrate our agricultural heritage. I would like to thank all who sponsored the Farmfest and ones who volunteered their Saturday to help with all the events. Many thanks to Clyde Cole, David McKinney and James Booth for the tobacco used in the tobacco tying demonstrations, we really appreciated this. Thank you to all who let us display your beautiful items for our “Fiberhouse”. Thank you to the North Stokes FFA for the children’s events and the cow train. It was a huge success with the kids and I noticed some adults took a ride too! Thank you to the people who were interviewed for our “Greatest Generation Corner” and to Jane Tucker for the doing the interviewing. Thanks to all who brought baked goods for our Bakers’ Corner, to our vendors for the crafts and farmer’s market. Thank you to all who brought tractors for our tractor parade, which everyone loved, and to all who brought equipment to display. Thank you to all our talented musicians and singers for the toe tapping music that everyone enjoyed. Thank you to the Francisco Volunteer Fire Department, Ladies Auxiliary, Forestry Service and a special thanks to Chestnut Street Investments, LLC. for giving us permission to use the Francisco School grounds and agricultural building for the Farmfest. It was a great day!!

We will have a Poor Man’s Supper and Gun Raffle Saturday, October 14, at the Francisco Community Building. The cost is $20 and this includes 2 meals and chances on 3 guns. This event starts at 6:00 pm and everyone is invited to attend.

There will be a Haunted Hayride and Chicken Stew at the farm of Mike and Amy Martin on Asbury Road Saturday, October 21. This is such a cool event for kids and Mike, Amy and friends do a wonderful job converting the farm trail into a haunted trail. The hayride starts at 5:30 pm and everyone is invited to attend.

There will be Fall Frolic Bingo Saturday, October 21, at the Francisco Community Building. Doors open a 6:00 pm. That’s when the hot dogs are ready and the games start at 7:00. The cost is $20 for 20 games and this includes four door prize tickets. All prizes are fall items. All proceeds go to the Francisco Ladies Auxiliary. Bring a friend for an evening of fun.

There will be a class taught by Glenda Biggs Monday, October 23, at the Francisco Community Building. The class is “how to crochet a kitchen towel.” If anyone is interested in coming, please bring a kitchen towel, a size J and E crochet hook, ¾” button, and yarn. The class will be from 7:00 to 9:00 pm and the cost is $5. These towels make wonderful Christmas gifts because they are so handy. Please contact Kathy Blue at 336-351-3254 or Texie Jessup at 336-351-4142 for more information.

Sylvia Burton

Special for The Stokes News