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Carl Mitchell - Extension Agent

As summer comes to a close and cooler weather is finally drifting in, now is a good time to make some plans for winter. For farmers, that usually means some sort of construction project. When I was a child, we would all be looking forward to finishing up tobacco and hay for the year and my dad would be making plans for our annual construction project. Nearly every year, we would build some sort of building or have a fencing project starting on New Year ’s Day. It was a good tradition to begin something new at the beginning of a new year. However, there was a lot of planning that began long before the work started. We had to figure out design, materials, and cost so that we could do the project efficiently and in a way that best fit the purpose of the project. It was an invaluable learning experience and I looked forward to these family projects. Now, I enjoy the winter projects with my family and use it to teach my children important skills.

As you are planning for those future projects, there are a few upcoming educational opportunities to help you be more prepared. If you are interested in beekeeping, there will be a Bee College course at FTCC in Stokes the first three Saturdays in November and you will have the opportunity to be paired with an established beekeeper to gain direct experience. Our Cattlemen’s association meets monthly with educational components to improve practices and learn from other cattlemen. We are also partnering with FTCC again to offer a winter agricultural series for beginning and experienced farmers. These courses will be designed to address winter activities and projects. If you are interested in these opportunities, please contact me at or 336-593-8179.

Carl Mitchell

Extension Agent