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Sylvia Burton - Special for The Stokes News

Hello August! Fall is just around the corner. Do you ever wonder where the time goes? I still find myself writing “May” on my checks and it’s already August. I used to hear the older people say that the time would go by more quickly as one gets older. I find that to be true.

There will be a “Clean-up Day” at the Francisco Presbyterian Church Saturday, August 5, starting at 9 am. Come and help clean. Yes, even the churches need a good sprucing up now and then.

There will be a community meeting Sunday, August 6, at the Francisco School, where the picnic tables are. In case of rain, it will be at the Francisco Community Building. The meeting starts at 3 pm and everyone is invited to attend. We need ideas for the Second Annual Farmfest. Last year’s event was such a success but we want to know how to make it better. Bring your ideas to light. How about more ole timey crafts or maybe a tractor parade? More music and maybe a flatfooting contest is more your style. Tell us what you would like to see and experience. October is not that far away, so we have a lot of plans to make and a short time to get there. Everyone, take an interest in our community and share your ideas with us. Let’s make this Farmfest one to write home about!

There will be a Women’s Conference at Dan River Baptist Church Saturday, August 19. The men of the church will fix a meal for the ladies starting at 5:00 pm and the conference starts at 6:00 pm. Guest speaker is Judy Hopkins. Judy will be discussing her recent trip to Israel. All ladies are invited to attend.

Congratulations to Greg Collins on his retirement! Greg has been with the county for 36 years, his last job being the EMS Director and I may add, has done a fine job. I wish good things for you, Greg, in this next chapter of your life.

Prayers for the Darrell Williams family. Mr. Williams died Sunday as a result of a motorcycle accident. His wife, Emily, lives in the Lawsonville area. His mother, Linda, lives in the Collinstown area. Please lift this precious family up in prayer.

Sylvia Burton

Special for The Stokes News