Berger supports law enforcement

Letter to the Editor,

In September of 2016, anti-police mobs rioted in downtown Charlotte, NC. NC NAACP President William Barber published his support for the rioters on his Facebook page. NC Senate Candidate Jen Mangrum supported him with her own post (September 23, 2016.)

So, does this mean that Ms. Mangrum supports those who break the law, cause thousands of dollars of damage to private and public property, stop highway traffic and wreak havoc on the law-abiding citizens of Charlotte? My late husband was a NC State Trooper. He risked his safety every day he went on patrol. It is disturbing that Ms. Mangrum posted this remark with little consideration for the men and women in law enforcement who had to deal with these thugs. Shame on her.

Phil Berger has always supported our law enforcement community. He understands the risks they take daily to protect us. Vote Phil Berger on November 6th.


Tanya Harris

Eden, NC