Vote America’s future direction

Dear Editor,

We, the voters, will be deciding the direction of America. The directions are glaring differences between right and wrong, and good and evil. Which way do we want our vote, and thereby our nation, to go?

The Left’s Democracy is for: Abortion; Gay & Transgenderism; Gun Control; Open Borders; Socialism; Amnesty; Limitless Deficit Spending; Higher Taxes; an Education of Blaming America’s Founders; Lenient Punishments for Criminals; Federal Control over the Bill of Rights; Social Justice (favoritism in Law); and a Living Constitution of creative meanings.

The Right’s Republic is for: protecting the Baby’s Life in the womb; Morality & Traditional Family Values; No Federal Gun Control; Borders; Capitalism–Free Markets; Legal Immigration; Balanced Budgets; Lower Taxes; an Education–Grateful to America’s Founders; Precise Punishments for Criminals; No Infringements on The Bill of Rights; Justice (equality before the Law); and a Literal Constitution with its words establishing the meaning.

The positions of each of those two political parties come from their respective party platforms, or are held by their party leaders. However, you should carefully evaluate their positions, since misleading statements, misleading major media propaganda and outright lies appear to be a part of politics. Many of the positions are cloaked in the term “Rights.” However there are no rights to wrong, since the Sovereign, Holy, Righteous, and Just God–our Creator that gave us life–gave us His common sense laws of right and wrong, to guide us to a peaceful, joyful life, reflecting His character.

Decision time is coming soon–November 6–election day; and since nations cannot be judged in the hereafter, they will be judged now–relative to our vote for good or evil.

Will your vote contribute to the decency and good of society–for America’s future?

E.A. Timm

Walnut Cove, NC