Thank you

Dear Editor, in May 2017 a tornado came through YMCA Camp Road. After the damage, there was a lot of cleanup and repairs to be made. Windows were blown out of sheds, reroofing of house, gutters and shutters torn apart, large trees blown down, etc.

My faith was restored by the wonderful people who helped with all this work. They did so freely or charged fair prices, did more than we had agreed to. Phone calls were returned, workers came when promise, etc. To all these people and companies — we are so very thankful!

Ken‘s Tree Service (Ken Olsen Sr. and Jr.) did great work and told me that it would be cheaper to hire heavier equipment needed.

Andrews Hauling and Grading Co. out of Tobaccoville did a lot of tree and brush removal (more than agreed to). Frank Andrew’s then sent three large truck loads of soil and refused payment.

David Kiser of Tobaccoville brought several loads of soil but would not except full payment.

Darrel Brown ground large stumps from my yard. He then said it would look better to do more stumps (all at original price) and he did!

David Hunter and crew leveled, seeded and fertilized a large section of yard and did an excellent job!

Jay Mitchell and Alton Bowen came by and helped.

Olive Grove Baptist Church furnished twenty volunteers who cut and removed trees blocking our driveway and yard.

Strangers helped removed brush from driveway and yard.

Ron Holyfield and crew re-roofed our house. They (unexpectedly) had to seal in a lot of plywood – no complaint and no extra charge.


Tom Huffman

King, NC