Arts Place in Danbury provides great entertainment

To the Editor,

Please share with your readers this personal endorsement of the many and varied programs of the Stokes County Arts Council. A recent example: Last Friday, a string trio from the NC School of the Arts was at The Arts Place in Danbury. FOR FREE. They played pieces by Hayden, Bach, and Ravel. Their playing, as well as their obvious love of the music and enjoyment of each other’s musicianship were electrifying. Did I mention that admission was free? This is just one example if the many offerings provided by our local Arts Council. Not all are free, but cost is always modest. Eddy McGee, his tiny staff, and a legion of dedicated volunteers (as in unpaid), work tirelessly to bring exhibits, performances, and events to us. The Apple Gallery and The Arts Place offer a variety of fine art and handcrafts. Y’all owe it to yourselves to take advantage of these great, close-to-home opportunities. Visit the SCAC website, or just call, 336 593 8159.

In case you are wondering, I was not asked to write this. Nor did I ask for their input. It’s just something I wish more folks were aware of. By the way, those string players that you missed last Friday? They will be back again THIS Friday. FREE.

John Hartman