Education concerns

Dear Editor,

The future leaders of our state are in North Carolina’s public schools. Without question, everyone wants what is best for their children. So then why would we ever allow the left to bring the standards of federal mandates into our school systems? Common Core was created by the left and seeps their ideals into our schools, thus taking away true quality education.

North Carolinians know what our children need and for this reason I support the efforts of the Republicans in the NC Senate and specifically, Senator Joyce Krawiec. She has played an active role in keeping Washington out of our schools by fighting to end Common Core. As a mother herself she knows the value of having a say in your child’s education, which is why she helped pass the School Choice legislation. This legislation gives every parent the opportunity to determine which schools they want their children to attend. It also broadens the educational opportunities available to low income North Carolina families. It allows those children to attend private schools if the parents deem that choice appropriate.

We need to remember that our future rests in our children. Therefore, we should all join Senator Krawiec and other legislators who are fighting to make North Carolina schools the envy of the rest of the country.

Because Senator Krawiec is fighting for our children and all the citizens of Forsyth and Davie counties, I will be casting my vote for her on May 8th.


John D. Rhodes

Germanton, NC