Photo Search

I am doing a collection of “Line Drawings” of buildings and structures in and around Stokes County. I’m currently trying to find photos of the NC Forest Service’s MOORES’ KNOB FIRE TOWER which was built in 1949. It consisted of the current (remaining) stone base structure, steps up to the observation area, and a cupola style structure on top, housing the work area and instrumentation. The Ranger, on duty, could spot and identify co-ordinates of smoke trails and communicate the potential fires to ground crews for both forest and structure fires. A few years after completion, and in service, the top structure was hit by lightning, burned and never replaced. The stone base still stands and, I understand, is still used as an observation deck.

I have exhausted efforts to find photos of the structure as it stood. Hanging Rock State Park and the NC Forest Service, at this time, have been unable to find any also. I’m asking anyone who may have a photo of this top structure to please share it with me. It will be copied and the original will be returned to sender. I feel this is a “landmark” which should be recorded and saved as a part of the history of Stokes County. If you have a photo send to P.O. Box 809, King NC 27021 (please include your name and return address).

Lewis N. Carroll

King, N.C.