One Down, One to Go

Dear Editor, may I reply to Mrs. Timm with this letter?

Mrs. Timm or is it Ramona? I don’t know if I should be happy that I ginned you up or sad that you didn’t get the message. Either way the following is my thoughtful opinion and not those of the publisher of The Stokes News regarding your pontification regarding my earlier letter. (If someone pontificates about something, they state their opinions as if they are the only correct ones and nobody could possibly oppose them. (

I have been accused of arguing with a fence post, but I draw the line at trying to reason with illogical folks. However in an effort to rebut your challenges and statements to me and to shed light on it all, here goes, it might be entertaining. Not being the sharpest tool in the shed I will have to dig hard but I think I can make a good argument.

To keep this short I will only address two of your arguments.

You said “Guess you can’t figure what Communism did to Soviet Russia” (I believe you meant the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic (USSR) of which Russia was the bully and founder).

Actual what the Russian brand of Communism did was to collapse the USSR because of it parasitic (bloodsucking) economy. East Germany, Poland, Lithuanian, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia and Ukraine to name a few, gained their independence from “Soviet Russia” as a result of their failed economic system. Many of those are now EU members and NATO allies. Mother Russia depended on the satellite nations to prop-up their disastrous economy. I hope this proves that I know a bit about what happened there. Having traveled in and seen some of East Germany shortly after the fall of the USSR, I saw firsthand how hard they had to work to catch up to the “Free World”

You said “Government was never set up for personal welfare”.

I think the following words for the revised North Carolina Constituent of 1971 may counter you self-centered argument;

“ARTICLE XI Sec. 4. Welfare policy; board of public welfare. Beneficent provision for the poor, the unfortunate, and the orphan is one of the first duties of a civilized and a Christian state. Therefore the General Assembly shall provide for and define the duties of a board of public welfare”

As two of your arguments are clearly without foundation the remainder of your scolding is unworthy of a response.

We need more folks in Stokes County with generosity and willingness to do the good things. Folks with your and your husbands’ outlook is the very thing that holds Stokes County back. “For the good of all” is not as you said “code for Communism” but the way Stokes County residence worked together years ago to help this county prosper before the negativity rolled into town.

Lastly you said “Does that figure”, it does, it means one person is willing to stand up to your absurd rants, yes it does.

Ed Gambill

King, N.C.