Consider the candidates before casting your vote

We attended last week’s Forum for the King Town Council Candidates running in the upcoming election and we want to encourage the residents of King to take a closer look at the candidates before casting their vote.

We heard from both incumbents that the town is prospering because we now have a Walmart, but when we drive through the streets we see a town with little charm or personality. We need town leaders who have a vision of what our town could look like, and the force to make it happen, not someone who always has an excuse of why we can’t or “that’s the way we have always done it” attitude. I dare say when one travels through any small town it’s not the Walmart nor the shopping centers they remember, but the quaintness and appeal of the downtown areas. We need to create an environment that people want to visit and possibly relocate to. The incumbents also mentioned there is grant money available to improve downtown storefronts (facades), which we have taken advantage of, but we didn’t learn of the available money from any of the town officials; we heard about it through a third party. Also mentioned, as a nice addition, was the new downtown parking lot constructed with grant money obtained by Rep. Kyle Hall but due to the location and lack of signage people have no idea it is a public parking lot for downtown or otherwise.

The new candidates presented several positive ideas about making improvements to the town and its residents’ way of life by promoting the area through additional festivals and decorative signage near the King exit ramp to encourage visitors to patronize local small businesses outside of those adjacent to Highway 52.

All candidates shared the opinion that one of the top priorities of the community was economic development, but how many businesses have we seen close in the eight years the incumbents have been in office? Economic development isn’t just about attracting new businesses, it includes helping existing businesses as well. Successful businesses means more revenue which could be applied to the rising water and sewer costs which was a topic of conversation that evening.

Please take time to research and make a decision that you feel will benefit our town and its future.

Wayne and Joyce Ray

King, N.C.