It’s very simple

In regards to Ed Gambill’s letter to the editor last week, I guess you won’t be reading my husband’s articles anymore!

Guess you can’t figure what Communism did to Soviet Russia.

Guess you can’t figure everything falls apart when there is no right or wrong.

Guess you can’t figure our founders believed and lived according to

God’s moral foundation and wrote a Constitution that allowed the free expression of that fact.

Guess you can’t figure massive spending equals debt that no one can pay off.

“..For the good of all…” of course, are code words for quintessential socialism/communism.

Guess you can’t figure out what is unsustainable.

Government is not the answer.

Government was never set up for personal welfare.

Government can never make all things equal for everybody.

Government was never meant to be fair!

Working hard, saving for a rainy day, loving our neighbors, the Church taking care of widows “indeed” and orphans, and living for Jesus, and by the Bible, is the answer.

Does that figure?

Mrs. E.A. Timm

Walnut Cove, N.C.