Dr. Newsome will be missed

Dear Editor, I hope every one of our county commissioners and hospital trustees are forced to retire like they’ve allowed LifeBrite to do to Dr. Samuel Newsome and his staff. LifeBrite will never find a doctor that can fill Dr. Newsome’s shoes. He was reared in Stokes County and knew the needs of our county. He has done an excellent job. Dr. Newsome and his staff have done a lot to help our county’s folks. Everyone in Stokes County should be proud of what he’s done.

Pray for him and his staff. God can straighten the mess LifeBrite has been allowed to do. We have been fortunate to have Dr. Newsome and our hospital in Stokes County. It has been a huge help here.

Folks need to let LifeBrite know we are not pleased with how they have treated Dr. Newsome and his staff. They have done a lot more to help Stokes County than the county commissioners promised they would do and more than LifeBrite has ever done. They came to help, so we were led to believe, but all they have done is try to hurt us.

If they think they’ve helped us, they need to rethink their thoughts. They owe Stokes citizens an explanation.

Dr. Newsome and his staff have been better for our county citizens than LifeBrite and our county commissioners. Thank you Dr. Newsome and staff for all you mean to so many people in Stokes County.


Lillian Abbott

Walnut Cove, N.C.