Great community spirit

Dear Editor, school rivalries can be strong in this county, but for a few minutes on Friday morning, October 6, those rivalries were put aside for a higher purpose of working together to help our neighbors. Students from North, South, West and Early College High Schools sacrificed a morning of sleeping late on a teacher workday to compete against each other in the King Rotary Club’s Rush for Food at the Food Lion stores in King. All the food gathered by the competing teams was purchased by the Rotary Club and split between North Stokes Food Pantry, East Stokes Outreach and King Outreach. Thank you to the wonderful students who were so enthusiastic in their determination to collect the most food. Thanks to their principals, teachers, cheerleaders, parents and friends who came out to support them.

Thank you to the community for the support of the project and to the sponsors who help fund the purchase of the groceries the students piled into their carts. Sponsors included the retired teachers of Chestnut Grove, Lisa Wiley, Frank Dray, Friend2Friend Boutique, Sandra Holt, Wesley Carter, Carroll Memorials, Sue Jarvis, Bill and Deanne Moore, Brian Foster, Homer Dearmin, Benny and Pam Lisk, Perry Carroll, Law Office of Dustin Nichols, Jim Miller and Stokes Family YMCA. Thanks to Chad Tucker for coming to film the competition and including the event in the news of the day on Fox 8.

A special thanks to Food Lion for allowing us to invade both stores with the RUSH and for their generosity in giving donations to match all eight carts of food that were purchased. With everyone working together, we received more than $4,000 in food for our local pantries in approximately one hour. The High School Challenge Rush for Food was another example of the great community spirit that makes “Stokes Folks” so special.

Deanne Moore

Service Committee Chairperson

Rotary Club of King