We should appreciate our law enforcement

Dear Editor, I would like to know how one person can come out of nowhere and decide they want the Christian flag down and everybody else just goes along with it and lets him or her do it. Now, why as we the people or as human beings have to give up our guns that we own to protect our homes, our families and ourselves. We are not the enemies. The ones on the other sides of our doors are the enemies, they don’t care about any of this! Therefore these are the ones that do as they please and have no respect for families or there selves, but we just put them behind bars and keep them up for a few years, then here we go and do it over and over again.

We should applaud and appreciate our law enforcement for the jobs they do and keep us and our families safe. It does not matter what their color is on either side of the gun. The law is there to protect us for what we believe in and the ones on the other end of that gun are there to destroy what the rest of us believe in. I believe that there is a gracious and loving God that will take care of it all someday no matter what side of the flag, the gun or the color that we are.

And as for these people that are getting on their knees at the ball parks and anywhere else to make a point for anything else but for God, they should get down on their knees and pray to God and thank Him for what He stands for.

Randy Shelton

Danbury, N.C.