Short and sweet

Dear Editor, this is my opinion and I will keep it short and hopefully sweet. Mr. Timm of Walnut Cove has, as he often does, recently in a letter to the editor (or should I call it an epistle?) taken up a lot of resources in the way of paper and ink to bemoan those things he in his infinite wisdom believes to be an affront to him. His most recent submission to this newspaper was less than succinct and rather rambling. After re-reading it several times I believe the condensed version of it was, my property taxes will be increased to support public transportation. Threaded throughout were all number of things not germane to the essence of his rant. That was my observation of his style, or lack of style, in writing a lucid statement. Having tried enumerable times to read the letters he writes, seemingly putting a lot of thought into them, I find one principle thread. Stingy to the point of hurting the good folks of Stokes County is what I see. If only we could have an efficient public transportation system in Stokes County. It would be a blessing to many and a gold star for the county. The mind set of those folks who always deride the cost of helping to provide for the good of all has dragged down any potential for progress for Stokes County. See, I said it in just 238 words.

Ed Gambill

King, N.C.