No one can replace Dr. Newsome

Dear Editor, since 1978 Samuel Newsome MD has handled a large portion of Stokes County’s healthcare. He has helped to staff the county’s health department, run the county’s jail, state prison’s health programs, worked with the skilled nursing facilities and has served as the county’s medical examiner since 1978. After Oct. 31, he will be in forced retirement. This is not because he wants to retire, but because he has no choice. LifeBrite has decided not to renew his contract. We can say goodbye to the backbone of healthcare in Stokes County and the service of a man who has done so much for so many in our county. Not to mention, his staff who have been left in the lurch regarding their future employment.

How many can tell stories of what he has done for us and in our community? How much we have appreciated and loved his dedication to Stokes-Reynolds Hospital, to his patients, and to the well-being of everyone he came into contact with. He is someone that you knew would call you back when you called him and who will give personalized care. He will be truly missed.

In my opinion, LifeBrite is the death of Stokes Reynolds. They have no compassion for Dr. Newsome or his staff and what he has done for the people of this community. (You can call the hospital anything you want, but it will always be Stokes Reynolds to me.) Where are the trustees of the hospital? Who are they? When do they meet? How can they let something like this happen to someone who has given their all to the hospital and our community? Where is the outrage of the commissioners over one of the most beloved physicians of our time?

I personally would like him to retire if that is what he wanted, but to go out like this – No, No, No. He doesn’t even have the ability to choose his replacement and train them as to what to do for his patients. Don’t you think that is cruel, heartless and uncaring for his patients and our community? You can bring as many doctors as you want, but you will never replace what Dr. Newsome means to us and the care that he gives. It’s not like changing a light bulb! Stokes County needs to stand up to LifeBrite and stand behind Dr. Newsome and fight this.

Love you Dr. Newsome and thank you for all you have done for our community.

Fredricka Cecile

King, N.C.