A Coup?

Dear Editor, do we have a coup going on? The attacks against President Trump are relentless; and are based on the most twisted reasoning in the name of news. It is not news when the reporter comments beyond the facts–what happened and what was said. The news anchor’s opinion repeated and repeated insinuating degrading conjecture is manipulation.

When we have the major news media, the threatening rent-a-mob, a political party, and Hollywood all echoing the same mantra, no one, nor culture, can stand up to that. That antagonism is threatening–people can lose their job, corporate executives will go along to save the company, and politicians will change the law even though the law is good and moral. It is as Joseph Stalin said, “The weakness of the capitalistic world which we can use are its insuperable antagonisms [impossible to overcome hostilities]–antagonisms which dominate the whole international situation.”

Soviet collusion has been going on for a long time since their goal is a borderless world of Communism. Look at their success in–Russia, China, Cuba (our backyard), North Korea, Vietnam, many countries in Africa and around the world. Are we being fooled they are not at work in America?

Lenin and Stalin were masters of subversion. However, it took over a decade to form a revolutionary theory for America. Alan Stang wrote in, IT’S VERY SIMPLE: “William Z. Foster and Gus Hall and other leading Communists have gone to great trouble to make clear not only that there is no contradiction between the two tactics the Communists in Moscow have developed for use in the United States–‘self-determination’ and ‘civil rights’ … .”

Could our Civil Rights Laws have originated in Moscow? Our Civil Rights Laws are based on skin color, yet they were passed under the echoing of–don’t judge on skin color but on the content of character. Isn’t that dishonest, deceiving, and hypocritical? The contradiction is not strange, because hard core Communists were associated with the Civil Rights movement. Alan Stang wrote about that. Also, my favorite Black heroes who were former Communist Party members–Julia Brown, who authored I TESTIFY, and Manning Johnson, who authored Color, Communism and Common Sense, wrote, spoke, and testified of Communist activities within the United States.

George Orwell wrote–“Who controls the past, controls the future. Who controls the present, controls the past.” Is it not a coup of–hate the President, American Monuments, America, and free speech to control the present by purging, with hate, America’s past history? Agitators of racism divide by race!–principle and content of character do not.

Without America’s Declared principles of freedom being honored–“We hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal … ”–along with our Constitutional Republic and individuality, America’s free-society will collapse–to–their coup for Socialism–the gateway to Communism, with its abolition of private property, collectivism and materialistic atheism–surreptitiously–without being noticed. Traitors to freedom self-identify by their attacks–revealing their treason! Their goal is as Rodger Baldwin, the founder of the ACLU said–“Communism is the goal.”

Please remember in the name of benevolence socialism is convincing–like Public Transportation, however its funding is the corruption of law–legalized plunder. It is law used to commit the crime that law is to prevent–theft. It takes from one for the benefit of another. Sadly our county will have to raise Property Taxes to pay for Public Transportation, which infringes on one’s Right and ability to own property; and, it is Taxation without Representation, since our elected county officials that tax us do not control it. Besides, there is no Constitutional authority for the Federal Government to tax us to give Grants back to us.

Is a coup fooling us out of freedom?

E.A. Timm

Walnut Cove, NC