King PD catches candy thief

By Amanda Dodson -
Debora Vermillion White - Courtesy photo

After more than 1,000 shares on Facebook, a woman caught on video stealing candy from Amigos Mexican Grill in King on Friday night has been identified and charged.

King Police Chief Paula May said in a written statement on Tuesday that response from citizens led officers to a laundromat in King where Debora Vermillion White, age 69, of Horace Mann Avenue in Winston Salem was identified.

“She was charged by citation with larceny and is awaiting a court date of November 13 in District Court in Stokes County,” May said.

On Friday night, around 9 p.m. Amigos Mexican Grill in King released a two minute video showing White at the register alone. The 69-year-old eyed the counter for a few seconds and then looked around before sticking her hand in a box to take two candy bars. Moments later, she continued taking candy, in what looks like around 10 bars valued at $2 per bar. The candy bars are part of Calvary Christian School’s annual fundraiser.

White didn’t stop with the chocolate. In the video, she’s seen emptying a jar of money, put out for patrons who purchase mints, into her purse and then looked around one last time, and dropped the jar into her bag.

Hundreds of locals who viewed the video on Facebook posted their frustration online Friday night.

Owners of the popular Mexican restaurant can be heard listening to the surveillance video and saying, “I can’t believe it. She stole money from the candies from church. This is happening in King.”

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Debora Vermillion White Vermillion White Courtesy photo

By Amanda Dodson