Council votes to donate fire engine to South Stokes VFD

The City of King has entered into an agreement with the South Stokes Volunteer Fire Department to transfer ownership of a 1995 Pierce Pumper Fire Engine for the sum of $1.

At the May 7 King City Council Meeting, Fire Chief Steven Roberson informed the council that South Stokes was interested in purchasing the truck from the city, following a brief period of borrowing the truck while their trucks were being repaired. The city had declared the truck as surplus property in January of this year, but the truck failed to reach the minimum bid of $12,500 set by the city on, a website that allows government agencies to sell surplus property to interested bidders.

The truck, which was property of the King Fire Department prior to its merger with the City of King in 2000, had accumulated 106,911 miles, and was replaced with a new Sutphen Fire Engine in November of 2017. The surplussed truck had been parked at the King Fire Department unused since January until South Stokes requested to borrow it in April. When the truck failed to sell, South Stokes expressed interest in purchasing the truck for a tentatively agreed on sum of $9,000 from the City of King.

Following Roberson’s presentation to the council, discussion ensued among the council members about donating the truck to South Stokes, citing the department’s close proximity to the City of King, and the mutual aid agreement between the departments that has been enjoyed for many years. Council members expressed the desire to help South Stokes, and allow them to use their funds to purchase other needed equipment, and ultimately agreed to sell the truck to South Stokes for the nominal fee of $1. South Stokes Fire Chief Thomas Mabe, Assistant Chief Dennis Brown, and Treasurer Martha Mitchell were present at the meeting. Following the council’s unanimous vote, Mitchell expressed her thanks to the council on behalf of the South Stokes Fire Department.

“I am delighted to assist our neighboring fire department by providing them with this truck,” said Roberson. “South Stokes regularly provides mutual aid to the King Fire Department, and I am glad to see this truck stay in our county and continue to serve Stokes County citizens. This truck will serve South Stokes and Stokes County for many years to come.”

King City Manager Homer Dearmin echoed Roberson’s sentiments.

“Our City Council recognizes the importance of our volunteer fire departments and volunteer fire fighters who regularly respond to back up our city’s fire department on major calls. Our council knows that there are needs of our community’s volunteer fire departments, and understand the immeasurable value they provide not only to their respective communities, but to neighboring departments as well. The action they took tonight in basically donating this truck helps South Stokes, but at the same time, helps communities throughout Stokes and Forsyth Counties.”