Commissioners vote to relocate offices

Staff Report

The Judicial District 17B Superior Court Judges Offices will no longer be housed on Kirby Road in King, effective May 1. In March, the Stokes County Board of Commissioners unanimously approved the allocation of funds to renovate existing space in the Stokes County Government Center for the judges offices as well as to end the lease for office space in King.

The elimination of the King office will save taxpayers in excess of $30,000 annually.

“Providing savings to the taxpayers by better utilizing existing space makes good common sense for our county. This also puts us more in line with the majority of other counties across the state that have judicial offices located at the courthouse,” said Board Chairman Ronnie Mendenhall.

The office had been utilized by Surry and Stokes County Superior Court judges since the early 1990s. The same building originally housed a satellite magistrate office and outpost for the Stokes County Sheriff’s Office, but neither have been used full time since 2008. A full time magistrate will continue to have an office in the Stokes County Government Center in Danbury.

Stokes County Sheriff Mike Marshall also praised the move, stating, “This is a smart move for Stokes County. Judicial offices need to be located in a secure facility such as our courthouse.”

Renovation of the offices has already begun and is scheduled to be completed by April 30.

Resident Superior Court Judge Angela Puckett expressed her appreciation for the cooperation of other agencies in working together to meet the needs of the county as well as court officials.

“The efficient administration of justice and the public at large will be better served by having our offices located in the courthouse in Danbury. I would also like to thank Chief District Court Judge Bill Southern for providing temporary space at our Surry County Courthouse while the renovations are taking place in Danbury.”

Judge Southern said he is pleased that the commissioners quickly addressed the issue to assist in creating space for District Court judges in Danbury as well.

“Having state and local leaders address pressing issues in a timely manner is what the public expect from elected officials. This opportunity provides space for both our Superior Court judges and District Court judges in the courthouse while reducing the burden on the taxpayers.”

Staff Report