Wanted in Stokes

Carpenter -
Brown -
Simpson -

Stokes County Sheriff’s Office is seeking information on the whereabouts of the following individuals:

Curt Anthony Carpenter, 46-years-old, brown hair, green eyes, 6’00”, wanted for civil order to lift stay. Lasts known addresses are in Sandy Ridge and Madison.

David McKinnley Brown, 38-years-old, blonde hair, blue eyes, 5’10”. Wanted for warrants of habitual larceny, misdemeanor larceny, and unauthorized use of a motor vehicle. Last known addresses are in King and Winston-Salem.

Kevin Joseph Simpson, 29-years-old, brown hair, brown eyes, 6’02”. Wanted for criminal warrant for arrest for felonies to conspiracy to manufacture methamphetamines and possession / distribute methamphetamines. Last known address is in King.

Anyone with information on these individuals should call the Stokes County Sheriff’s Office at 336-593-8787 or Crime Stoppers at 800-672-2851.