Principal alerts parents to alarming social media post

By Amanda Dodson -

Parents at South Stokes High School received an early morning phone call on Tuesday about an alarming social media post made the night before.

Principal Johnna Cheek said she was notified about a disturbing post on Instagram that referenced “sshs”. She immediately contacted the Stokes County Sheriff’s Department and Superintendent Dr. Brad Rice, who had also been made aware of the post.

Cheek said within a few hours, the sheriff’s department discovered the post originated in another state near a high school also referred to as “sshs”. Rice and Sheriff Mike Marshall contacted authorities in that state to make sure they were aware of what transpired on social media.

“We would like to thank the Stokes County Sheriff’s Department for their quick response to the report and for keeping us informed of the outcome. We now feel confident that the post was not referencing South Stokes High School,” Cheek said. “The safety and security of children and staff at South Stokes continues to be our first priority and we will continue to follow up on all reports or concerns.”

Cheek added, “Thank you to our students and parents who remain vigilant about safety in our schools and notify us of any suspicious activity or posts, further helping to keep South Stokes safe.”

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By Amanda Dodson