More file to run in election


Filing for many of the 2018 races will close Feb. 28 at noon in North Carolina, and a number of candidates have taken advantage of the time allotted to put their hats in the ring.

For the Fifth Congressional District of the United States House of Representatives, Democrat Jenny Marshall of Winston-Salem filed her candidacy on opening day. She will face D.D. Adams of Winston-Salem in the primary following Adams filing on Feb. 23.

On the Republican ticket for the Fifth District, incumbent Virginia Foxx of Boone filed her candidacy for reelection Feb. 13. Foxx is being challenged for the Republican ticket as Cortland J. Meader Jr. of Advance filed his candidacy Feb. 16 for the Fifth District, setting up a primary for the Republicans.

For District 30, Republican Phil Berger of Eden, who is an incumbent in the new district having served District 26 prior to the redrawing of the district maps, filed for the election on Feb. 12.

Also, for District 30, R. Michael Jordan of Eden filed to run on Feb. 14 as a Libertarian candidate for the Senate seat. On Feb. 22, Jen Mangrum of Reidsville, a Democrat, filed her intent to run for the District 30 seat as well.

For District 91, which includes Stokes, eastern Surry and a small area in Rockingham, incumbent Kyle Hall, a Republican, filed for office on Feb. 12. On Feb. 22, Steve Brenneis, a Libertarian, filed to run for the District 91 seat, and on Feb. 23, Michael Booth of King, a Democrat, filed for the District 91 race.

Stokes County

Incumbent Jason Tuttle of King is running unopposed for the office of clerk of court.

Sheriff Mike Marshall of Danbury is also running unopposed.

For Stokes County Board of Commissioners, incumbent Ernest Lankford (Danbury), a Republican, filed for reelection, and he will face Republicans Rick Morris (Danbury), Jamie Yontz (Walnut Cove), Wayne Barneycastle (King), Boh Mabe (King), Andy Nickelston (Lawsonville), Jamie East (King), Devin Parrish (King) and Democrat Greg Collins (Westfield).

Filing for Stokes Board of Education and Soil and Water Conservation District Supervisor will take place later in the year.

These filings are as of Tuesday at 5 p.m. Filing period closes Feb. 28 at noon.

Election Day is slated for Tuesday, May 8.