Father and son win on election night

By Amanda Dodson - adodson@thestokesnews.com

Residents of Walnut Cove may have wondered what exactly happened on November 7 when election results came rolling in. Current commissioner Charles Mitchell received the highest number of votes for mayor (56) as a write-in candidate and following suit, his son Thomas Mitchell received the highest number of write-in votes for town commissioner (65). This year there were two open seats on the board and incumbent Elwood Mabe’s 56 votes secured his position, but eight-year veteran Sharon Conaway was edged out. Write-in candidate Stephen Britt tied Conaway with 51 votes.

Newly appointed town manager Kim Greenwood said it will be left up to the next board to choose a person for the open board seat.

“It leaves a vacant position so the board of commissioners will accept names. The statute doesn’t specify when they exactly have to do that, so it could be the next board meeting or meetings down the road. It’s left up to the new board to appoint the next member.”

As Charles Mitchell prepares to transition from town commissioner to mayor, he said he’s solely focused on serving the people of Walnut Cove.

“I’m sure a lot were surprised by the outcome, but I’m going to do the will of the people and the business of the town. I don’t expect everyone to agree with everything I say, but we can disagree and still be agreeable,” he said. “I think it’s important to get more young people involved and know what’s going on. I think my son is going to do a good job as a commissioner. He’s a pretty smart young man.”

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By Amanda Dodson