Elections set for Nov. 7

By Amanda Dodson - adodson@thestokesnews.com

On Election Day, November 7, the polls in all three municipalities will be open from 6:30 a.m. until 7:30 p.m.

Individuals must reside and be registered to vote in the city limits of King, or the town limits of Danbury or Walnut Cove, in order to be eligible to vote in the election.

As previously publicized, the Election Day voting site for the West King precinct has been moved from the American Legion Building to the King Public Library. West King voters have been mailed an updated voter card. The change will begin with the municipal election on Nov. 7, so eligible City of King voters who live in the West King precinct should go to the library if they wish to participate, said Stokes County Board of Elections Jason Perry.

As in the past, some precincts have been combined for this particular election. All voters in the Town of Walnut Cove, including those that live in the East Walnut Cove precinct, will go to the Walnut Cove Fire Department to vote. Those voters who live in Chestnut Grove precinct and also live in the City of King will go to the King Public Library. Impacted voters have received a notice by mail. This is a temporary transfer, so these voters will go to their traditional polling places for the elections in 2018 (East Walnut Cove precinct voters will return to Southeastern Middle School).

Eligible municipal voters who live in West Walnut Cove precinct (Walnut Cove Fire Dept.) or East King precinct (Poplar Springs Church Youth House) will vote at the same location and have not received a notice.

Registered voters who reside in the town/city limits in the Town of Danbury, City of King, and Town of Walnut Cove are assigned to the following polling places for the municipal elections on Nov. 7, 2017:

Town of Danbury – Precinct registered in Danbury will vote at the Danbury Fire Department at 102 Old Church Rd.

City of King – Chestnut Grove precinct will vote at the King Public Library at 101 Pilot View Dr.

The West King precinct will vote at the King Public Library at 101 Pilot View Dr. in King. The East King precinct will vote at Poplar Springs Church Youth House at 7150 NC 66 Hwy. S. in King.

City of King – Forsyth County – The Northwest Middle School precinct (032) will vote at Northwest Middle School at 5501 Murray Rd. in Winston-Salem. The Macedonia Baptist Church (092) precinct will vote at Tobaccoville Community Center at 4425 Tobaccoville Rd. in Tobaccoville.

Town of Walnut Cove – The East Walnut Cove precinct and the West Walnut Cove precinct will vote at the Walnut Cove Fire Department at 527 N Main St.

“For this particular election, some voters have been temporarily transferred to an Election Day polling place outside of the precinct they are registered in,” Perry said.

Stokes County voters should address any questions to the Stokes County Board of Elections at (336) 593-2409 or stokes.boe@ncsbe.gov. Forsyth County voters should contact the Forsyth County Board of Elections at (336) 703-2800 or forsyth.boe@ncsbe.gov.

Amanda Dodson may be reached at 336-813-2426.

By Amanda Dodson