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By Amanda Dodson - adodson@thestokesnews.com
Wendi Spraker - Courtesy photo

When Danbury residents go to the polls on Nov. 7 they should have an easy choice selecting town council members.

Incumbents Wendi Spraker and David Hoskins are running unopposed for the two open seats on the council. Both were invited to respond to questions from The Stokes News about their thoughts and visions for their town. Spraker’s unedited responses are below. Hoskins did not meet the deadline.

– Please provide a history of your service as an elected official. When were you first elected to an office? How many terms have you served and what first made you want to run for office?

I was elected to serve on Danbury Town Council twice before. I was first elected in November 2009 and have served continuously since then. I served as Mayor Pro Tem in 2014-2015. Before serving on Danbury Town Council, I served on the Town’s Planning and Zoning Board starting in 2006. I sat as its chair for two years (2004-2006).

– How long have you lived in Danbury? Are you involved in any civic organizations or church groups? If so, which ones?

I have lived in the town limits of Danbury since 2006 but have lived in the general area since 1996.

– What do you see as the three biggest issues facing Danbury during the next term? How do you propose these issues be addressed?

Danbury has the wonderful issue of increased tourism and visitors. Our focus has to be on making sure that our town’s people are well served as we make the area more welcoming to visitors. This will include work on our pedestrian plan, parking issues and traffic safety. We will be working closely with town residents, DOT, state planners and businesses to ensure success.

– Do you see any reason why taxes in Danbury would need to be raised during the next term? Why or why not?

Each meeting, we discuss the town budget and carefully review expenditures. We look for areas where we may need to spend money in the future for repairs or upkeep and we are careful to plan well. Currently, we are doing well as a town and I am not aware of any increases that may need to be made. However, there are always issues that can arise over the course of 4 years that could require a small increase – but I am not aware of anything like that at this time.

– Tourism is an important part of Danbury’s economy. How will you help to promote tourism?

Tourism is a very important part of Danbury’s economy, absolutely! We have just completed the pedestrian plan that will help attract more tourists to Danbury as it moves forward. Danbury is also looking towards some improvements in wifi and other updates that support tourism. I am absolutely behind those kinds of updates and will support them in a fiscally responsible manner.

– What is your favorite thing about your community? What do you think is your community’s greatest strength?

Without a doubt, our greatest strength and my favorite thing about our community is our people. We have a diverse group of residents from all walks of life who find a way to meet on common ground for the good of our community.

We have the natural beauty of the river and the mountains here. We have a lovely historic district. We have wildlife and nature in spades. We have an awesome new Arts Council Office for classes, retail and performances. We have some wonderful businesses serving the people. We have lots of visitors passing through each year to enjoy the park or the river but without our local people it wouldn’t be half the place it is.

– Is there anything else you’d like voters to know about you or your candidacy?

I want voters to know that I am available. You can call me, stop by and knock on my back door, text me, visit me on social media or whatever is convenient for you. I’m open to all avenues. I want to know your thoughts and concerns. We are neighbors (where ever you live in Danbury) and I’ll do the very best I can to explain something or help you with what you need.

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Wendi Spraker
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By Amanda Dodson