Senior Fun Festival winners

This year’s 2017 Senior Fun Festival award winners were:

Oldest Lady – Senior Citizen Margret Newsome (first place), Betty Barnes (second place)

Oldest Man – Senior Citizen Harvey “Bud” Hicks (first place), RW Craddock (second place)

Lady with Most Unusual Jewelry – Roberta Grantham (first place), Jane Bodenhammer (second place)

Lady Wearing Most Comically Decorated Hat – Carol Roger (first place), Edna Craddock (second place)

Lady Who Has the Whitest – Hair Emma Hincher (first place), Jane Bodenhammer (second place)

Best Rooster Crower – Margaret Newsome (first place), Jane Bodenhammer (second place)

Sing a Song – Arlene Lowe (first place), Tony Bowman (second place)

Man with Baldest Head – Peter Breault (first place), RW Craddrock (second place)

Man with Best Moustache – Delma Collins (first place), Lanny Gentry (second place)

Couple Married the Longest – RW Craddock and Edna Craddock (first place), Bill and Claudette Smith (second place)

Couple Most Recently Married – Norwood and Kaye Sorrels (first place), Doug and Jewell Bowman (second place)

Shortest Lady – Isabella Yadvish (first place), Arlene Lowe (second place)

Tallest Man – Norwood Sorrell (first place), Bill Smith (second place)

Best Man Buck Dancer – Pete Shumaker (first place), Waynnie Hopkins (second place)

Best Woman Buck Dancer – Tammie Bennett (first place), Brenda Butner (second place)

Club with Most Members Present – Rainbow Club, Walnut Cove (first place), TIE Francisco / Quaker Gap (second place)