School Board delves deeper into performances grades

Staff Report

Stokes County School Board discussed the recent state accountability data, growth status and school performance grades. Michael Sands, Director of Testing and Accountability reviewed the release and said the county schools were included in the group of 40 districts across the state that achieved at or above the C grade level.

“This is a great distinction when you consider there are 115 districts across the state,” he said.

Sands reported that Stokes Early College received a grade of A, nine schools received a grade of B, eight schools received a grade of C and Meadowbrook Academy was designated as maintaining. He added that King Elementary exceeded growth, twelve schools met growth and six schools did not meet growth. Sands shared that the overall EOC/EOG (end of course/end of grade) proficiency exceeds the state for female students 1.4 percent and male students .7 percent. The economically disadvantaged students were proficient at 49.6 percent and 5.4 percent higher than the state average. Sands added that three of the five high schools graduation rates were above 90 percent. The data reflects Meadowbrook Academy graduation rate is at the highest in school history for the second year in a row.

Doug Rose, Director of 6-12/Career and Technical Education reviewed with the board the Career and Technical Education (CTE) ratings compared to the state level. The areas of agriculture, business and marketing, family and consumer science, health occupations, technology engineering and design education and trade and industrial exceeded the state level. He shared the CTE students for all three high schools earned a combined 730 credentials.

Improvement strategies are being implemented, according to Rose.

The strategies include building on the school system’s computer programming to give students opportunities to code and program. Rose said this will increase opportunities for college classes using the Northwest Center and transportation center and match students to their interests with job shadowing.

Staff Report