Commissioners support breastfeeding policy

By Amanda Dodson -

County Manager Rick Morris presented a proposed breastfeeding policy for county employees at Monday afternoon’s commissioners meeting.

“This is based on a policy we put together after looking at some of what other counties are doing,” Morris said. “We’ve had the issue come up and realized we didn’t have a policy.”

The guidelines stipulate employees who wish to express milk in the workplace shall make a request to her supervisor so that appropriate accommodations can be arranged. Breastfeeding employees would be allowed a flexible schedule for nursing or pumping. The time allowed would not exceed the normal time allowed for lunch and breaks. For time beyond agreed upon lunch and breaks, sick / annual leave could be used. Employees required to use holiday / compensatory time before any other time, would be required to follow the county requirements.

County employees would be provided a confidential area where a breastfeeding mother can nurse or express milk to be stored for later use. Breastfeeding mothers would be allowed to store breast milk if properly stored and labeled in a county refrigerator if available. Otherwise, employees would be responsible to provide their own refrigeration, such as a cooler.

Commissioner Ronda Jones, the only female serving on the board, said she believed the proposal was fair and reasonable.

“I think it’s fair too, and it needs to happen,” echoed Commissioner Ernest Lankford.

The proposal was moved to the action agenda and will be voted on at the next commissioners meeting on Aug. 28 at 6 p.m.

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By Amanda Dodson