County approves Francisco MOU

By Nicholas Elmes -

The County Board of Commissioners on Monday unanimously approved a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Our Communities initiative to re-purpose the former Francisco Elementary School.

Members of Our Communities said they would have to get approval from Francisco community members before giving their approval, but indicated that they thought they would be able to work with the MOU.

Under the agreement, the county and the Our Communities initiative will form a working group composed of two county commissioners, the county manager, the county planning director and four representatives from Our Communities to work on creating a successful and feasible plan for the former school property.

The MOU grants the community the use of the outside grounds at the property but prevents them from using any of the buildings until the property has been transferred to the community.

Under the agreement, the working group will provide quarterly updates to the Board of Commissioners during which they must demonstrate progress on the project. The agreement also clarifies that the county will serve a sponsor for grants for the project.

Commissioners also agreed to let Our Communities and Francisco community members use the property for Little League, a community garden and a variety of other outdoor activities including a community day planned for May 7.

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By Nicholas Elmes

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