Walnut Cove sending out water test violation notice

Staff reports

Residents of Walnut Cove will soon be receiving a notice from the town informing them that the town missed a required water test for disinfection byproducts.

Town Manager Bobby Miller said the company the town contracts with for water tests missed the test in the first quarter of 2015, but the test was completed as soon as the town was notified of the mistake and the results were negative.

“We are required to notify our water customers within a 12 month period,” said Miller. “We posted the notice at town hall and thought that was the required notice, but when we had our yearly inspection of all our wells we were advised we needed to give notice by mail.”

He said the missed test was intended to identify contaminants that are a byproduct caused by using chlorine to treat water.

“We want the public to have an explanation for this and not just a form letter,” said Miller.

Staff reports